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US Ship Supply has an experienced in-house and logistics staff and is able to get our material on site, on time, and on budget.

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Our Supplies & Services

Personal Protection Equipment
Protective Clothing
Hard Helmets & Headgear
Safety Shoes/Goggles/Gloves
KN95 Face Masks
Chemical Safety Equipment
Electrical Materials

Breakers & Switchboard Components
Termination Kits
Cable Lugs & Terminals
Cable Glands, Cable Ties and Strapping
Cable Ladders & Trays

Cable Supplies

Power Cables
Instrumentation Cables
Control/Communication Cables
Category/Fiber Optic Cables
Flame Retardant/Fire Resistant

Pipes & Fittings
GF (Georg Fischer)
Press Fit
Push Fit
Straub Couplings
Valve Supplies
Shutoff Valves
Pressure Relief Valves
Float Valves
Safety Valves
Non-Return Valves
Penetration Materials
Roxtec & Sleev-it
MCT Brattberg
Marinoni NavyCross
STI Marine Firestop
KBS Flamastic

Mission Statement

US Ship Supply is committed to providing a diverse array of specialty supplies to the marine industry and delivering value to our customers.

We pride ourselves on quality products, exceptional service, and reliability.

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